World’s Most Valuable Soccer Players

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Who are the world’s most valuable soccer players?

The World Cup in Brazil is around the corner and although each of the players in the 32 teams that are participating have to prove their worth, there are some who are considered more valuable than others. has caught the soccer fever and released an interactive infographic of the world’s most valuable soccer players, ranked according to their performance, seniority, and of course – salaries.

According to the infographic, Lionel Messi of Argentina has attained the coveted top spot, with a salary of R 227,910,016.00 and an impressive 27 goals behind his belt, and whilst Cristiano Ronaldo comes a close second in terms of performance value, he shouldn’t be too heart-broken about his ranking – the Real Madrid midfielder takes home a cool R300-million every year.

As for top clubs, Bayern Munich and Barcelona has by far the most appearances in the top 100 – 11 of their players have been named on the list. In terms of leagues, the Premier League remains the best represented league with 29 players, ahead of La Liga with 26.

Sadly only a handful of African players made the top 100 list, including Yayon Toure from the Ivory Coast (ranked 19th), Pierre Emerick Aubameyang from Gabon (79th), Samuel Eto’o from Cameroon (83rd), Mehdi Benatia from Morrocco (87th) and Emmanuel Emerike from Nigeria (97th).

The infographic will allow users to find out exactly how much the top 100 earns, which positions are the most lucrative and the number of goals each player has scored in their career.

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