Women on Wheels Top Hands-Free Kits on Gumtree

There is no reason to get caught talking on your phone whilst driving. It is illegal after all.  What you need is a handsfree kit for your car and what better place to find this than on Gumtree. An array of units that will suit your specific needs can be found on this site.

  1. VW Bluetooth kit

If you are looking for a model specific brand you will find what you need on Gumtree, like this Volkswagen Polo touchscreen handsfree Bluetooth kit.

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  1. Parrot CK3100

If you just want a general handsfree kit such as this Parrot CK300 then Gumtree has it as well.

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  1. Samsung Galaxy

You may already have Bluetooth connectivity in your car. So now you just need a phone that is Bluetooth enabled such as this Samsung Galaxy S3.

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  1. iPhone earphones

If you don’t have Bluetooth connectivity and not interested in purchasing a handsfree kit you can always purchase a phone that comes with earphones and chat the good old fashioned way.

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