Women on Wheels Top Picks

Car Fridge/Warmer

You don’t just get cars at Gumtree’s ‘Automotive Vehicle’ section- there are a lot of cool car accessories as well, such as this small in-car fridge/warmer. For only R520 it can be quite a handy little gadget.

Car FridgeCustomized Citi Golf

Do you want a car, but feel like bland colours are too normal? People actually sell their customised cars which can be as interesting-looking as this VW Golf (if that is your style).


Kombi Camper

Why go modern if vintage is your style? These Volkswagen Kombis are known to last a lifetime, and you can be sure to find a few of them on sale if you feel like going on an extended road trip or camping.


Original Lamborghini Rims

You can also find collector’s item accessories like these original Lamborghini Diablo Rims.

wow2Coffee Trailer

Like we said, you can find any type of wheels on Gumtree. There’s even a coffee trailer which can be used to open your own mobile coffee business for only R60 000.

Coffee business trailer

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