Women on Wheels Top Car Accessories

Women tend to love accessories, so why not enhance your car with some cool gadgets? We found so many options on Gumtree, we could hardly choose. These are the top 5 gadgets you just wouldn’t want to go without once you have them. And all for under R1000!

Bluetooth Iphone snap-in adaptor

What better way to connect you Iphone to your car? Plus, this will stop you from dangerously fidgeting with your phone while driving.

Cars 1

Car Audio System

Everyone wants to listen to some music while driving, and the audio system has a screen as well, which makes it a lot better!

cars 2

Accessories on sale

This shop is having a sale on some car accessories. From seat covers to stickers to wiper blades- you can get it all there from as little as R100!

cars 3

Headrest Tablet Holder

You can also find a tablet holder that attaches to a headrest, so you can sit back and watch a movie while the others are driving.

cars 4

Security Device

Safety is more important than any gadget, but luckily there are such things as safety gadgets. This safety device can be used for theft prevention, emergency assistance, surveillance, 2 way communication and tracking.

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