Why Working Outside is Great For Your Team

The weather is warming up and remote working benefits outweigh the cons! It is known that being in nature provides plenty of health benefits. Creating a calm, outdoor work environment for colleagues can spark creative ideas and enhance the overall well-being of staff. When employees are in a good mental space and feel appreciated, there is a definite rise in productivity and work ethics. Creating something fun and different will be also appreciated by all. 

Informal meetings can be done at coffee shops or outside while going for a stroll. Being outdoors creates a calm environment and possibly ignites creative ideas. If this is not possible and your job requires you to be in an office space, make sure to drink your tea and eat lunch outdoors. It’s important to break up the day and stretch your legs every now and then.

  1. Good moods: Being in nature and breathing fresh air can change that bad day into a good one. With anxiety levels skyrocketing and work deadlines piling up, sometimes everything is just too much. In such situations, take a moment and ask a colleague/friend to take a breather with you outside.
  1. Energy: Sitting at a desk all day creates frustration and bad energy. Set notifications or alarms to force you to get up and go outdoors to have a break. This helps you reset and dive headfirst back into your tasks for the day.
  1. Stress: If you are feeling unproductive and agitated, it’s best to get up and change your scenery. Chat to a friend while outside and perhaps they can relate and help overcome those stresses. 
  1. Relax: Gather a group of like-minded colleagues to play a sport, do yoga, or go for strolls after working hours. If spa days are your thing, trust us, it won’t be too difficult convincing others to join!
  1. Screen break: It’s very common for us to be sitting at our computers for hours each day, and switch between a social media break during lunch. Too much screen time strains your eye muscles. Use your screen time guide to assist when you’ve had enough screen time for the day.

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