Why Supporting Community Businesses Benefits YOU most of all

We’re all told to support local business, but to what end? Studies show it actually benefits you – the customer – more than anyone else. Here’s why:

  1. It improves the Neighborhood you live in

68% of money spent supporting a local vendor stays in the community, compared to 43% spent at a large chain retailer. Money is fed back into other businesses, homes and schools so that everyone benefits. It also keeps your neighborhood unique and attractive – small, quirky local shops can be a tourist driver and generate positive publicity for the place you live.

2. You will receive better service

Getting to know the person behind the product/business means that you have greater access when you need help in an emergency or a rush order. Local vendors are dependent on word of mouth and take complaints very seriously. They are also better able to conduct market research for their area of operation, which means you will get more of the things you love on your door step.

3. It’s healthier!

Food items sourced/grown locally might be more expensive, but they are usually great quality. Some local farmers might charge a premium for produce that is organic, pesticide-free and free from the lengthy cold chain that larger retailers rely on.

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