Why Smart TVs are the way forward

Smart TVs are a great indicator of just how far visually enhancements have come over the decades. Still seeing a 32 or 60cm television set has become something of a rare occurrence.

First things first, a consistent connection to a Wi-Fi network is a must in order to stream various paid subscriptions like Amazon, DSTV or Netflix. Also, if you really want to watch something online that you can’t necessarily view it on the TV itself, the Screen Mirroring/Chromecast option allows content of your choosing to be played on the TV via a smartphone.

One thing also noticeable is the size (in length and width) of the remote control which is considerably smaller because it features no number and different setting buttons. Samsung, Hisense and Skyworth are some of the popular brands on the market that also possesses 4K high-resolution to support the latest generation gaming consoles.

Worth the money

Depending on the size, they can be pricey but another (cheaper) alternative is to buy a smart box and plug it into your normal flat screen TV via an HDMI cable that replicates the functions of a standard smart TV. Whether its to watch sport, a movie or even just to browse the internet, a smart TV is basically like having an oversized smartphone. If you want to take the technology even further, there are connectivity add-on devices like Alexa and Google Home that can play a song at your voice request.

Everything is becoming digitised and who knows what other technological marvels are yet to be introduced in the future.

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