Why Running is Better Than the Gym

Don’t get us wrong, the gym is great! Strength training is amazing for weight loss, muscle gain, and for your overall health. However, the amazing benefits of running make a really good case for those considering it, too.

Here are our top 15 reasons why running should be your next hobby:

  1. Running can help you live longer due to its cardiovascular health benefits.
  2. Running gives you an unmistakeable high due to endocannabinoids (molecules) being pumped out by your brain.
  3. Running doesn’t require you to commute anywhere.
  4. Running helps you lose belly fat.
  5. Running can help you get more vitamin D as you spend more time outdoors.
  6. Running burns a lot of calories assisting in weight loss.
  7. Running doesn’t require a lot of expensive equipment.
  8. You can walk/run your pets at the same time as you get your exercise.
  9. Running gives you more energy throughout the day.
  10. Running strengthens your bones.
  11. Running can help fight off a common cold.
  12. Running is a great form of exercise for people at any fitness level.
  13. Running can be social if you head out with a friend or join a running group.
  14. Running boosts your mood with the release of dopamine from the brain.
  15. Running can help with eye health as studies show those who run 5 kms or more per day have a lower risk of developing cataracts.

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