Why moms are better suited to teaching teenagers how to drive

It’s just a fact that women are much more loving than (most) men and when it comes to being patient, there is normally only one gender that comes out on top.

Teaching someone something new requires loads of patience because most times, the concept being taught won’t stick the first time round and will need a few more lessons to get the person well-drilled. Teenagers are at a point in their lives where freedom and going out is right on top of the list so, naturally, borrowing the parents’ car starts becoming a trend.

But, before they can even think of getting behind the wheel, knowing how to drive and navigate the road is a must. It’s not uncommon for teens to make use of a driving school but most rely on the ‘free’ lessons provided by mom or dad. Depending on the type of vehicle, in South Africa a learner’s licence for a motorcycle can be obtained from 16-years-old and 17-years-old for a light motor vehicle. Also, a person in possession of a learner ‘s licence is only allowed to drive a car when they are accompanied by another person with a valid driving licence.

Take it easy

Moms all over the world are seemingly blessed with an abundance of patience and that is a vital trait to have when teaching a temperamental teen how to operate a vehicle. Shouting is one of the worst things to do in that instance – something dads can often be guilty of, if the car stalls in a busy intersection, for example. Nerves and tensions are already high at that point so having a loud voice in one ear and having other motorists hooting and gesticulating doesn’t help matters at all.

Taking a young person on the road for the first time is a daunting prospect because anything can happen. Things like clipping the curb, starting the car in gear that causes it to lurch forward or grinding gears are some of the oops moments that will most likely happen. That being said, it’s best to start with the very basics by finding a rhythm between the accelerator and clutch pedals.

A parking lot is one of the safest spaces in which to get a feel for the vehicle without having to worry about other road users. The environment allows for non-pressure learning and will definitely drop the nerves as opposed to being on the road.

Gumtree lists some tips that can help with making the process a bit easier:

  • Wear comfortable shoes – It’s important to wear shoes that grip the rubber on the pedals nicely and doesn’t slip.
  • Set a goal – Go to the lesson with a clear objective like ‘I want to master smooth braking today’ instead of trying to do everything at once.
  • Mistakes must be made – It’s inevitable that mistakes will be made and that is a bookmark for progression. Doing everything perfectly at the first try is highly unlikely.

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