Why Jogging is So Good for You

When we think of adding cardio into our daily or weekly exercise routines, more often than not the first thing that comes to mind is running or some form of high intensity interval training, or HIIT as the enthusiasts like the call it. But what about the lost art of jogging? This simple exercise is highly underrated. Here are four reasons why.

  1. It burns just as many calories as running. Whether you jog for a half hour or run for ten minutes, the calories burned are the same. And the calories you burn are….a lot!
  2. It is better for your joints. Jogging is a natural human movement. You could almost say we were designed to jog as it is a slight progression from the walking we do all day every day! Exercises that include carrying only your own weight, like jogging, are known to help reduce the risk of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Additionally, jogging has you hitting the pavement far less hard than someone running a hard-core marathon, especially if you are cognisant of your movements.
  3. It can give you a great sense of achievement. Starting a daily jogging regimen is a great way to boost morale. Set goals and look back later on at where you started versus what you have achieved.
  4. It improves your physical and mental health. Studies have shown a correlation between regular jogging and improved cholesterol levels, as well as improved lung functionality, decreased risk of blood clots, and just having an overall better immune system. Additionally, jogging gives you the good old ‘runner’s high’ which is a rush of endorphins, the ‘happy’ hormone! Win-win.

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