When choosing the right bed for you, these are a few tips to consider

It might seem like a simple exercise on paper, but choosing the right bed can become quite tricky when you’re actually doing it. As a precursor, the average amount of time a person sleeps is about 26 years, which is equivalent to about 9 490 days or 227 760 hours.

When going to shop for a bed, the sales people will always try to do their best to either offer you a discount on a particular brand or explain the ‘free’ stuff that is included in the price. Some of them can be very persuasive in order to make the sale, but you can also use their knowledge to find out more on other products you’re interested in.

It is always best to buy a bed as brand new because for starters, you don’t want to sleep on a bed that someone else had previously done so on and it’s impossible to tell from a picture if there are coils and springs in the mattress that have been bent or if layers are protruding out from under the padding.

Before you commit to buying a bed, these Gumtree tips will help you choose the right one:


Bed sizes in South Africa come in various sizes – Single (91cm x 188cm), Three-Quarter (107cm x 188cm), Double (137cm x 188cm), Queen (152cm x 188cm), King (183cm x 188cm) and Super-King (200cm x 200cm). It is best to know the size of your room beforehand, to get a better idea of how much space there is to play with.

Lay on it

There are plenty of things you can buy online – a bed is not one of them. One cannot know the comfort levels of a bed from behind a computer screen, unless of course you know exactly what you’re buying. Lay and roll around on it as you would’ve normally done at home and take note of any possible crumple points or sagging.

Mattress height

The thickness of the mattress affects your comfort, because sleeping on a mattress that is too thin or too thick can negatively affect your health as it leads to poor sleep. Mattress sizes can range from 20cm to 35cm, with some of them not allowing your feet to touch the ground when you sit on the bed.

Consider your budget

Pricing is yet another factor to take into consideration when settling on the right bed for you. The average price of a bed (including delivery to your home) ranges from R4000, and can rise to as much as R350 000 – that is stuffed with horsehair and camel wool.

Now that you’ve got the knowledge, it’s time to shop! Head to gumtree.co.za or your Gumtree app (click for Apple & Android) and don’t forget to use your location settings to find local service information close to home.

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