Whats So Great About The New Polo Vivo?

Replacing the rare two-door Polo Vivo GT model, the GTS seems like a more road-going styling take on the Vivo Maxx with its wannabe off-road look.

 GT A-1604April-NewModelVWVivo (3)

Why is this model so important?

The Vivo’s biggest credentials are its tried-and-trusted build quality, durability, relatively low cost-of-ownership, spacious-for-the-size interior, list of standard features, and low purchase price. Manufacturers relaunching old models superseded by newer, fresher designs are nothing new, but it means huge savings in cost-of-ownership especially for those buyers on a budget.

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What does this mean?

Peace of mind for buying a car that has proved its worth over many years, with a well-earned reputation. Second-hand models are plentiful and cheap! If you ask us, this is a big plus!


What’s all the fuss about?

The GTS becomes a pseudo-flagship model for the Vivo range. It sports a roof painted in black, side mirrors in gloss black, 16-inch Rivazza wheels in a grey metallic gloss finish, a sport pedal cluster, two-tone GTS side decals, carpets with black piping, and red stitching on the upholstery. Power is from a 77kW 1.6-litre petrol engine, and while somewhat pricier than Vivo models lower in the pecking order, it has a unique look to make it stand out from the thousands of regular others on the road.

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