What to do with a totalled car

A totalled car, or a total loss car, is one that has been in a serious car accident and either, cannot be repaired, or the cost of repairing it is more than its value. So, is it worth repairing a totalled car? Well, in most cases no. However, there are collision repair shops that can carry out these highly-expensive and complicated fixes to the car. But there are several options for you to consider when it comes to a totalled car:

  1.     The simplest method to deal with a totalled car is letting the insurance pay you for it. This works in two ways: replacing the car or providing a cash equivalent.
  2.     Smaller accidents or collisions may not destroy the car completely, allowing you to drive it in the future. However, it is critical that it is thoroughly checked by a mechanic if you are going to drive it as-is.
  3.     If you do not have a huge budget for repairs or if the insurance is not paying you enough, you can keep the car and use the spare parts. If you have another car of the same make/model, you could use the parts or as an alternative, sell them to make a quick buck.
  4.     If you do not want the hassle of selling spare parts, consider selling your totalled car to a junkyard.
  5.     Another viable option is to donate the totalled car to non-profit organisations that accept all kinds of vehicles for their day-to-day operations.
  6.     Of course, if you need another car, a simple option would be to trade the totalled car in for another at your dealership.
  7.     Finally, if you are good at car repairs, you could consider fixing your totalled car yourself.

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