What to do if you’ve lost your driving licence card

Human beings are forgetful by nature and more often than not, will misplace or lose items like bank cards or car keys – both of which can prove to be a costly or drawn-out process to replace.

When it comes to driving licence cards, most store them in a purse or wallet but its not uncommon to be found at the back of a phone or on a car’s keyring. One of the main reasons why many people have it close at hand is in the event of roadblocks where law enforcement officers will do the usual stop and go checks to make sure of its validity.

A driving licence is valid for five years from its date of issue and the expiry date can be found at the back of the card. In the event of a renewal, thankfully, one does not need to do the driving test all over again, with only the card itself needing to be replaced. Additionally, once the card has expired and needs to be renewed, you are required to do an eye test.

Other important points to keep in mind with regards to renewal is that if your eyesight has deteriorated since your licence was issued, new restrictions may be attached to your licence. For example, you may be required to wear glasses when driving. Should you fail the eye test completely, your driving licence will not be renewed.

Gumtree lists what you need to do in the event that your driving licence is lost or stolen:

  • A Declaration of Lost Documents and Driving Licence Application Form (DL1) needs to be completed along with your South Africa ID document or valid RSA passport and two recent black-and-white ID photos. It must then be submitted to your nearest driving licence testing centre.
  • Because it is illegal to be on the road without having your driving licence present, you will need some sort of proof – like an affidavit from the police – to say that yours is either lost or stolen. Where pricing is concerned, it differs for each province so to be sure, it’s best to check your local municipality website.
  • Once all the documentation and fees have been processed, motorists will be notified when the replacement card is ready and has to be collected from the same testing centre you applied at in the first place. A temporary driving licence will then be issued until the actual card is ready.

These are the prices for driving licences according to the Department of Transport and Public Works webpage:

Heavy Motor Vehicle
Application: R200
Card Issue: R140

Light Motor Vehicle
Application: R135
Card Issue: R140

Application: R135
Card Issue: R140

Temporary driving licence


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