What is social selling?

Sales people who use social selling outperform their peers by 78%. So what is it and how does it work?

Social selling is a way of using social media channels as listening and prospecting tools. While this may take a long time to reach fruition, it does allow you to avoid cold calling – which can be very ineffective.

Social media is a great way of researching prospects, because this tends to be where businesses share their successes and pain points. By engaging in the conversation, you can build deeper relationships.

Here’s how to go about it:

  • Particpate

Create your social profile and start following interest groups. Set time aside each day to read, comment and follow businesses of interest to you. Remember, social selling has to be genuine.

  • Listen

Don’t jump in and try to sell right away – take time to understand the prospect and what’s driving their business. Don’t try to create a problem that fits the solution, find out how you can solve real issues for the client.

  • Provide value

It’s important to provide genuine value – make recommendations, offer referrals and be helpful.

  • Build credibility

Don’t follow and comment indiscriminately. Be discerning, don’t spam and be respectful of others. It will pay off in time.

  • Don’t forget existing customers

Treat your existing customers well and engage with them online. Your interactions will be visible (and impressive) to prospects, so don’t neglect anyone.

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