What is Funko Pop? And is it worth something?

Funky Pop are vinyl collectibles (in various sizes) of popular characters in just about every pop culture genre you can think of – movie franchises (including Disney), TV shows, cartoons, music and gaming. They are fun to collect and while most of them won’t break the bank, there are a few pricey ones in the mix.

The most expensive Funko Pop collectible are:

  • Holographic Darth Maul (R27,000)
  • Big Boy (Ad Icons Series) R24,000)
  • Planet Arlia Vegeta (R23,000)

A headless version of Game of Thrones’ Ned Stark comes in at R22,000.

The first figure ever produced was a Batman and Funko Pop still produces numerous Marvel and DC comics superhero.

There are close to 9000 Funko Pop designs to choose from, but if you want your collection to grow in value, you’d do well to opt for Vaulted items. Items that are vaulted are no longer being produced and will not be produced again, which does send up their value.

You can follow the Funko Pop blog (or subscribe to their podcast) to keep ahead of new releases and vaulted items.

Happy collecting!

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