We tested the Yookidoo Musical Duck Race…and boy was it awesome!

My daughter may only be 4 months’ old, but she knows that she’s a Yookidoo Kid. From the rattles to the bath toys, we’ve loved everything they make that we’ve bought or received as gifts thus far. They are durable, colorful and lots of fun. So I was completely psyched when Yookidoo gave us a Musical Duck Race toy to review.

I must admit I was skeptical at first – I didn’t think bath toys and batteries worked well together, but the batteries are so firmly sealed inside that there is no chance of water getting in. The toy has firm suction cups on the bottom that fixes it firmly to the tub, then automatically fills with water, sending the ducks spinning around a circle as  music plays. The little ducks can be placed on the top of the fountain for different spray effects.

You can watch the Duck Race in action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rnFOx51eUg

I was worried that the water would spray onto the floor but the nature of the fountain is so that it is completely self-contained and won’t leave the tub,  no matter how vigorously it seems to spray. The plastic parts are sturdy but not heavy so baby can’t hurt herself while playing with them. The music is great – not so loud that it becomes annoying though – and really grabbed baby’s interest.

The toy is marketed at older babies (6 months upwards) but if your little one is able to sit up she’ll love it. My little one was completely fascinated and loved stopping the ducks in their tracks.

If you have a little one that’s not crazy about bathtime, this is definitely the toy for you. There are three others in the range that we’ll be giving away this month, so keep an eye on our Facebook page for  more info.

You can also rush out and buy a Yookidoo bath toy from any BabyCity near you.

I will definitely be buying some for my daughter soon!

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