We’ve experienced the craziness of Stickeez from Pick ‘n Pay, and now, the latest collectable craze is miniature model grocery items received when you spend R150 or more at participating Checkers stores.

The full Checkers Mini collection includes 29 of South Africa’s most recognised grocery item brands, such as All Gold tomato sauce, Albany superior white bread and Clover fresh milk, and has a prize incentive of R10,000 if you are one of the first 25 school learners to complete the entire collection.

Although aimed at kids, adults can’t help but boast on their social platforms about their latest additions to their very own Little Shop.

Claire Cobbledick, Head of Marketing for Gumtree SA, says that after the PnP Stickeez craze, where people were selling their units on Gumtree for R10 each, the team immediately trawled the site to see if any Minis had popped up yet.

“But instead, our search led us to a vintage collection of mini products from a seller located in Port Elizabeth”, she continues.VINTAGE MINIS IN PE

The owner of these nostalgic bottles, boxes and tubes and a regular Gumtree seller, Lindsay Steyn, actually doesn’t know much about them though as they were amongst many items in a huge assortment of things inherited earlier this year. Steyn, thought that a fan that might be collecting them, would see her ad and hopefully snatch them up.

Very similar to the Checkers minis, just a bit more ‘vintage’ and rustic – the collection includes iconic brands of yesteryear such as Post Toasties, Three Stars Safety Matches and Wheatalin Puffed Wheat and can be viewed on Gumtree, here.

“South Africans love South African iconic products, and Checkers has hit the nail on the head with their newest campaign. They’ve managed to find a way for a kid’s collectable craze (which could be the cause of a few tantrums) to be bearable”, Cobbledick continues; “but how awesome would it be to show off your 10/20/30 year old minis alongside your brand new ones”.

These international brands are now mostly discontinued, but were extremely popular back in their day. Post Toasties were introduced in 1904 and discontinued in 2006, while Swedish made Three Stars Matches, which is now a collector’s item, are sold for up to R93 per box on Gumtree’s parent company eBay.

“We find loads of weird and wonderful ads come onto the Gumtree site, which is inevitable with almost a million live ads, but these retro minis are by far the most coincidental find”, ends Cobbledick; “and we expect to start seeing Checkers Minis crop up on the site soon too”.

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