Vintage Cars for sale

Some of the rarest and most unusual vintage cars for sale in SA right now

Cars have never been more comfortable, safe or speedy than they are today but every car enthusiast has a classic or vintage model from years gone by that they aspire to own. The appeal is in the design, says Jeff Osborne of Gumtree Auto. “These cars were designed with pencil and paper. They didn’t take aerodynamic drag coefficients – or even crash tests and safety regulations – into account, but focused on aesthetics. They weren’t produced in factories with the aim of churning out as many models as possible in the least amount of time; they were made by hand.”

With vintage cars now more popular than ever, here are some of the unique models that can be bought locally:

1976 ALFA Romeo Spider 2000L Series II Year

The rarest version of this two-seat roadster is the Spider-Targa – less than 2,000 models were ever produced. The iconic shape and reliability ensured that the spider stayed in production for close to three decades. Legendary boxer Mohammed Ali bought one for his wife while traveling through Missouri, but she never drove it and after 40 years’ he gave it to his friend Tim Shanahan. Shanahan sold the car at auction – along with registration papers signed by Ali.

1959 Chevrolet Corvette C1

A 1950s Public Relations firm advised Chevrolet to name their new sports car after a warship – and the Corvette still packs a powerful punch. The 1959 model has less body chrome and a more powerful engine offering, but has the iconic quad headlamps, bumper exiting exhaust tips and four speed manual gearbox that makes for a great driving experience.

1957 Goggomobil T300 Coupe Micro Car

You may never even have heard of a Goggomobil, but more than 175,000 were sold in its day. This particular model has a 300cc 15hp engine and reached top speeds of 80kms. It was marketed as a cheap, fuel efficient city car and became popular in Europe and Australia. It’s a four-seater but extremely small, which is why it was often sold standard with a trailer!

1939 Hudson Sedan

The Hudson Motor Company was active from 1909 and 1939 the Hudson debuted fresh new styling. A favourite among restoration enthusiasts, the Hudson is sure to make an impression wherever it goes.

1957 Ford Thunderbird

The T-bird was developed in response to the Corvette in the mid-50s and would promote itself as an icon of personal luxury throughout its lifetime. This particular model comes with a rare porthole hard top and soft folding top.

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