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A cathedral in Cordoba for alaMaula

If you’re looking to vacation somewhere with a temperate climate outside South Africa, consider Argentina.   Summer begins in early December.  In fact, the swallows have already begun their annual migration from Southern California to Argentina to take advantage of the warm weather, smart birds!  Did you also know that there’s a Gumtree in Argentina?   Well, kind of.  It’s called alaMaula.

We’ve asked our friends at alaMaula to write about an off the beaten path travel destination for South African tourists for you, so read on for an insider’s guide to Cordoba:

A trip to Cordoba could be the most unexpected adventure you’ve ever had.   It’s a city that holds the treasures of Argentina’s traditions, customs and rituals deep in its core.  If you’re trying to find the essence of Argentine culture and history, then a visit to Cordoba or, viajar a Córdoba, is inescapable.

We here at AlaMaula present our top five recommendations for travelers to Cordoba:

1. The Jesuit Block (La Manzana Jesuítica): When you step foot into the block, a trip to the distant past awaits you.  Consisting of elegant buildings from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, you’ll not only find Cordoba’s cultural and artistic heritage, but also hundreds of stories and legends that captivate even the most experienced travelers.

Some of the most representative buildings are the National University of Cordoba, founded in 1613, the Temple of the Company of Jesus–the oldest of its kind in the country–and the first printing press of the Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata. Collectively these attractions are a must see.

2. Emilio Caraffa Fine Arts Museum (Museo de Bellas Artes Emilio Caraffa): Much more than a museum, this place is an interactive space where the opportunities to learn will make your imagination fly.  The works exhibited have local, national and international prestige and are periodically changed with works from a variety of artistic disciplines.

3. New Cordova (Nueva Córdoba):  One of the newest and modern districts of the city, New Cordoba offers the visitor beautiful urban landscapes, sloping streets adorned with bars, restaurants and the best retail shops.  The exciting nightlife, countless museums, cultural centers and youthful vitality of New Cordoba makes the district a lovely place to spend a day.

4. The Ravine (La Cañada): This is one of the most representative spaces of the city, where the day to day activities of the city’s inhabitants converge.   It’s the site for the partial channeling of a stream whose construction dates back to 1671. The tree-lined paths and bars that developed alongside the river over time make La Cañada one of the most beautiful places of the city. It’s a green lung amongst the bustle of the city, and a daily meeting place for the locals.

5. Sarimiento Park (Parque Sarmiento):  To spend an afternoon surrounded by trees, chirping birds, flowers and fresh air, nothing beats a visit to this huge park that promises a special encounter with nature. Nestled a few blocks from downtown Cordoba, Sarmiento Park invites you to relax and unwind like never before.


A visit to Cordoba, Argentina is a ticket to discover one of the most fascinating and epic places imaginable.  Why not travel to Cordoba on your next holiday?  The travel section of alaMaula contains all the information you need to prepare for your trip and begin packing your suitcases. A viajar!

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