Upholstery and Second-Hand Furniture

Every home has that one chair, ottoman or couch that needs some TLC. But every time we think of reupholstering, other expenses come up and this takes a backseat. Can’t find a suitable second hand piece of furniture, why not reupholster on your own? It is a great way to learn a new skill, be more sustainable and save money in the long run.


Gumtree gives you tips and tricks to reupholster your furniture and save big bucks in the process.

  1. Skip the stores

What is the first thing you need to upholster? Fabric, of course! However, try finding more sustainable and innovative sources to buy your fabric. Use old blankets or bedsheets or search Gumtree for good quality reusable fabric. 

  1. The inside matters

When choosing what to upholster, always select pieces that have strong frames and can withstand long-term use. If it is flimsy, wiggly or rickety, do not consider reupholstering it. It is a definite waste of your time, money, and effort.

  1. Start small

As a beginner, choose simpler items to reupholster such as small ottomans, foot stools or headboards. Graduate onto more complex furniture as you master the craft.

  1. The right tools

Upholstery without the right equipment is a nightmare. Use gumtree to invest in good-quality tools such as a pneumatic staple gun, compressor, staple remover, high heat hot glue gun, and sewing machine for a seamless process. 


However, if upholstery is not your cup of tea, consider buying second-hand furniture to enjoy benefits such as:

  1. Reduced costs and additional savings
  2. Be more environmentally friendly
  3. Opportunity to find rare and vintage pieces
  4. No need to assemble

Now that you’ve got the knowledge, it’s time to shop! Head to gumtree.co.za or your Gumtree app (click for Apple & Android) and don’t forget to use your location settings to find second-hand furniture close to home.

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