Umbrellas That Actually Keep You Dry? Yes Please!

While some of the Summer sunshine has been sticking around, the warmest months of the year are officially over. Johannesburg may be known for summer rain, but cities like Cape Town are privy to receiving most of theirs during winter. So how do we make sure we are as dry as possible for any commutes on foot this coming winter? Umbrellas, of course. But not just any umbrella; an umbrella that actually keeps you dry no matter how hard the down pour.


Here are our top tips to finding the perfect one.


  1. Choose one that is about 100cm (or more) wide from tip to tip to ensure enough overhang; this way, you won’t have water dripping down onto your shoulders or onto your face.
  2. To test out whether an umbrella is big enough for sufficient shelter, open it up, stand beneath it and extend one of your arms to the side. You want the end of the shelter to come to around your elbow.
  3. When the umbrella is open, the fabric should be very tight; the tighter the fabric, the better it will disperse wind which may help prevent it from flipping inside out.
  4. For areas with strong, frequent winds, like Cape Town, opt for an umbrella with vents to help wind flow through; this should also assist with the prevention of your umbrella flipping inside out.
  5. For a more durable umbrella, which will also assist with strength in windy situations, opt for one that is less compact. An umbrella that folds small, while very convenient, has multiple joints in the shaft which is not ideal for wind.
  6. Opt for an umbrella with a rubber handle for the best grip. This way, even if there are strong winds or if the handle gets wet, you should be able to keep a firm hold.


Now that you’ve got the knowledge, it’s time to shop! Head to or your Gumtree app (click for Apple & Android).

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