Ultimate Guide to Unpacking After You Move

Honestly, most of us probably just move all boxes into the new home and go through each one by one without any sort of system, right? This usually ends up in chaos and makes the process take far longer than it needs to. Here is an easy-to-follow six-step guide to stress-free unpacking after a big move.

  1. Create a moving essentials checklist including all items you cannot do without for the first week of living in your new home. How many times have you moved where you simply couldn’t find your toothbrush or that one outfit you absolutely needed for that big interview coming up? Creating a list, packing all these items away in a weekend bag, and moving it in your car (not in the moving truck) will keep your mind at ease.
  2. Create a moving system. Doing a little bit of prep work, like putting coloured stickers on boxes that indicate which room each box belongs to, will make the process just that much easier.
  3. Set up your furniture. Before you start going through boxes, set up all large pieces of furniture you deem as a priority, like beds, couches, washing machine and dryer, and the dining room table.
  4. Prioritize. Label all boxes as high or low priority, and pack the low priority boxes at the back of the moving truck.
  5. Unpack kitchen and bathrooms. Once everything is unpacked and in their appropriate rooms, start unpacking boxes in the rooms you will use most. The bathrooms are important so that everyone can have a nice hot shower to feel clean after a long day of moving. The kitchen is also a high priority as you will want to eat and have something to drink.
  6. Unpack the remaining rooms in order of importance. Once the bathrooms and kitchen are done, you may want to start with your kids’ rooms, especially if you have a baby or toddler that has very specific sleep needs like monitors and cribs.

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