Travelling with Kids? Here is What to Pack

We may not be able to travel right now (Hi, COVID19), but you may have some travel plans in the back of your mind for when things open back up. Wherever you’ll be headed, it is best to be as prepared as possible, especially when travelling with little ones. Being confined in small spaces for long periods of time is tough for kids, so having things ready to keep them happy and entertained will save your life.

Here is a quick checklist of things to pack when travelling with your kiddos:

  1. Stroller: If you can, try to get a cheap, small, and light stroller to bring along. This will be a lifesaver when getting from one end of the airport to another. If the kids prefer to walk for a bit, pile on some of your luggage so that you can push it through the airport.
  2. Baby Carrier: For tiny babes, or ones that do not love being in the stroller, having a baby carrier on hand will be a life saver. Having your hands free to help with other kids or to help carry things will be helpful, too.
  3. Car Seat: If your kids are over 2 you will have to pay for a seat for them. If they are within the age range where they still sit in a car seat in the car, bringing the car seat along for them to sit in on the plane seat will be helpful. If you would prefer to have them sit directly in the seat, or if they are under 2 and have to sit on your lap for the ride, you may still want to bring the car seat along for any car travel you may do when you get to your destination.
  4. Portable High Chair: Finding a portable high chair that can collapse down to fit into a bag (like a camping chair), will be super helpful when you get to your destination. Not all restaurants have high chairs. Additionally, if you will be staying at an Airbnb, you will need to bring your own high chair as they are not likely to have one, either.
  5. Travel Cot: Unless your accommodation has specifically stated that they have a cot for you, you will want to bring your own along.
  6. Headphones: If your little one would like to watch some TV during the flight, it would be best to have some kid-friendly headphones for them to use. Small children might have issues using the small ones that go inside your ear, as provided by the airline.
  7. New Toys: Consider grabbing a few new (or new-to-them) toys for them to play with. Bring one toy out per hour so that they do not get bored of them all at once.
  8. Antibacterial Wipes & Hand Sanitizer: Being able to wipe down all the surfaces that your little one will touch can be helpful to ease your mind, especially during a global pandemic!
  9. Activity Bag: Pack a special activity bag for when times really get tough. Include things like playdough, colouring books, crayons, and stickers to really get their creative juices flowing and keep them occupied for a decent chunk of time.
  10. Snacks: Don’t forget the snacks! If you are travelling internationally, you will have to purchase these snacks and drinks inside the airport once you have already passed through security, but there should be plenty to choose from. While International flights offer a couple meals, it will be helpful to have a few things for the kids to snack on in between.

Have you travelled with kids? We would love to hear your tips!

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