Trampoline Alternatives for Kids

While trampolines are an extremely fun way for kids to get exercise these days, they’re also require quite a bit of cash. While the money you pay for a trampoline is worth the physical and mental health benefits, they are also a common cause for injury in little ones.

So, what are some safer, at-home ways for little ones to blow off some steam in preparation for a good nights’ sleep? Here are our top eight ideas, most of which require items you can find second-hand on Gumtree!

  1. Take advantage of items around the home, like couch cushions, for things to jump around on. Toddlers will have a blast jumping from one cushion to the next!
  2. The good old jump rope can be exciting, yet also extremely physically beneficial. Make it extra fun by having them attempt to master some cool jump rope tricks, or add a second rope to jump with siblings at the same time (hello, Double Dutch!).
  3. Hopper balls! These fun, inflatable toys, are similar to a large exercise ball, but include a handle at the top for little ones to hold on to as they bounce.
  4. Backyard games, like red rover, capture the flag, tug of war, or even simply a game of catch or kick ball.
  5. Consider grabbing a small ball pit and plastic balls for your little ones to jump around in, just like the ones you can find inside McDonald’s indoor playgrounds!
  6. Grab a container or chalk and create your own hop scotch variations to help strengthen their balance, rhythm and overall body control without them even knowing it.
  7. Use household items to create your very own indoor or outdoor obstacle course including tunnels, hopscotch, climbing, mazes, and/or balance beams.
  8. For hot summer months when water restrictions are null, simply put the sprinkler on in the back garden and enjoy watching your little ones have hours or fun and exercise running through it.

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