Toyota Fortuner Boasts More Than Ever Before

A completely new take on the best-selling SUV in the local market, the 2016 Fortuner is more refined, more luxurious, more capable in all respects and engineered to be even more durable.

2015 Reveal of All New Toyota Fortuner. (Crusade pre-production model shown)

Why is this model so important?

As best-selling SUV in South Africa (by a very long shot) and a stalwart of the Toyota brand locally and internationally, there is a lot riding on getting it right. Poor performance, poor quality and letting the Fortuner’s huge following down is simply not an option (don’t even think about it!)


What does this mean?

Toyota and its international engineering teams pulled all stops to ensure the Fortuner lives up to expectation and can withstand the worst you can throw at it. For instance, Fortuners sold in markets deemed extreme in its operating conditions – harsh climate, high altitudes, varied temperatures, poor roads and potentially damaging terrain – all benefit from special components and underbody protection to ensure they remain unstoppable. At the same time, levels of ride comfort and on-board conveniences have been taken to the next level, making it more desirable than ever.


2015 Toyota Fortuner Crusade

What’s the fuss about?

More comforts, better ride quality, better overall quality and especially the use of a new range of diesel engines dubbed the Global Series make the new Fortuner an attractive proposition. The new diesels (in 2.4 and 2.8-litre capacity) replace the stalwart 2.5 and 3.0 D-4D diesels and are both more powerful and fuel efficient by a long margin, up to 25%. New gearboxes also bow in, while 2.7 and 4.0 V6 petrol remain largely unchanged, but are more efficient.

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