Trusted Gumtree-listed roofing and waterproofing supplier, Partner at H2O, Emile Morsbach provides consumers with the key things to do to prepare for the big Cape storm.

  1. Secure doors and windows. Make sure they’re tightly secured and locked and, if you can cover your windows, it’s best to use plywood.
  2. Get evidence. Prepare by taking photos and videos of your home before the storm so you can demonstrate any damage to insurers.
  3. Store stuff. Patio furniture and other loose items should in your garage, shed or home.
  4. Protect your car. Get it in the garage and if you don’t have one, park it away from trees.
  5. Clean gutters. Remove debris so water can run down freely.
  6. Check your policy. Make sure your insurance policy is updated and there are no coverage gaps.
  1. Contact numbers. Prepare a list of high quality trustworthy contractors for emergencies. Gumtree has 54 listed suppliers in the Western Cape region prepared to service roofing and waterproofing across residential, commercial and retail properties.
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