Top Tips for Staging Your Home

We’ve written many a time before how important it is to stage your home if you want a quick and easy sell. But how is this done, exactly? Hiring a professional stager is one option, of course, but not everyone has the funds or the time to do so. Here are our top tips to stage your home in a way that helps potential buyers picture themselves living in your space.

  1. Make your front porch or stoop feel as clean and lively as possible. If there is room, create a small sitting space where buyers can picture themselves having morning or evening tea while enjoying the garden view.
  2. Keep your front lawn as green and neat as possible. Trim any bushes or tree branches that hang over walk ways.
  3. Remove clutter from your back garden, like large plastic kids toys, garden tools, and any broken or worn-down items.
  4. Purge any near-empty cereal boxes and other items that make the pantry, if you have one, look unorganized.
  5. Clear your countertops of all unnecessary things like a stack of cutting boards or gadgets that can be stored away.
  6. Only keep kitchen essentials out where people can see them. Everything else can be put away.
  7. De-clutter your living room area by donating any items you no longer find useful or no longer like, or hire a storage locker to hold some items between now and when you move.
  8. Pull your couches away from the walls and re-arrange the furniture into symmetrical pairs to create a welcoming space for conversing.
  9. Dust everything regularly and ensure there are no visible stains on your carpets or furniture.
  10. Remove all personal items like family photographs for days when buyers are coming to take a look. It is difficult to picture yourself living in a space filled with pictures of unfamiliar faces.
  11. Add a few homey touches, like a vase with flowers, a bowl of fresh fruit, scented candles, wooden trays, clean rugs, fluffy white robes in the bathrooms, and decorative throw pillows on the couches.
  12. Stick to neutral colours when possible, with a few small pops of colour. You may love the colour blue and want to splash it everywhere, but then you are limiting yourself to buyers that like blue only.

Now that you’ve got the knowledge, it’s time to sell your home! Head to or your Gumtree app (click for Apple & Android).

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