Top Tips for Small Businesses

Building your website, search rankings, and growing your digital presence as a whole can be just as costly as renting and managing a physical store space or office. 

It’s these overhead costs that make starting a business a pipe-dream for many. Here are some top tips from Gumtree on using their site offering to enhance your business, all for free. 

Hundreds of thousands of people are selling items on Gumtree at any one time so we’ve knocked together a few insider tips to help you maximise your chances of selling your goods on Gumtree. 

  • Pick the right price

The price you set could be the deciding factor in whether or not you are successful in selling. Determining the right price is a matter of doing a little market research. 

“Browse the site to see what similar items in comparable condition are selling for,” says Gumtree Brand Marketing Manager Estelle Nagel. “The price things go for can sometimes be vastly different from what you thought you could get.” 

Remember, buyers will often try to negotiate a lower price, so it might be worth your while to add a small mark-up of around 10-20% to the final amount you are hoping to make. 

  • Offer a guarantee on electronic goods

Many buyers are nervous about purchasing online, especially when it comes to expensive electronic goods. Offering a 7-day money back guarantee goes a long way in boosting buyer confidence. Include this in your ad write up. 

  • Provide viewing and pick-up details 

Many buyers choose to view an item in person before they buy it. Setting up times for this can involve alot of back and forth, so a good idea is to Save provide the time and days that suit you for a viewing in your ad write-up. Buyers will then be able to work around your schedule.

  • Be honest 

It may seem obvious, but always relay accurate information about the item you are selling. Misleading a prospective buyer sets you up for disappointing those who turn up to view it. A disappointed viewer is unlikely to go through with the transaction, which means your chances of seller success are in danger. 

“If you are a frequent Gumtree seller, building trust is crucial to your continued success. So always write accurate and honest ads,” says Nagel. 

  • Respond to replies quickly 

If a buyer is in the market for a specific item that is widely available on Gumtree, they’re likely to reply to multiple different sellers at once. Be the first to reply and you up your chances of making the sale. 

“Replying speedily not only means you beat other sellers to the sale, but you appear more efficient and professional – which makes buyers trust you more,” says Nagel.

Want to start selling on Gumtree? Head here and we’ll show you how.

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