Top Tips for Sanitizing Your Ride

Sanitization has become a part of our daily lives since the global pandemic hit South Africa, so it should come as no surprise that we should be sanitizing our vehicles, too. Especially if we are lifting others from A to B, and our clothes are touching things in public, too. Unfortunately, the outside world is a dangerous place in terms of germs at the moment, so disinfecting should be a top priority.


Here are a few of our top tips.


  1. While the inside of your car may not look dirty, it is likely to be covered in germs and bacteria from the places we have been. So, we recommend disinfecting high-touch areas most frequently, like exterior door handles and bonnet pulls.
  2. If your exterior door handles are painted, opt for a sanitizer free of alcohol.
  3. If your exterior door handles are metal or unpainted plastic, an alcohol-based disinfectant will do just fine.
  4. If you frequently have others in your vehicle (if you are an Uber driver, for example), you will also want to clean the interior seats and high-touch areas, too. Opt for a surfactant, an effective detergent, emulsifier, foaming agent, and dispersant to be used on your fabric seats.
  5. If your interior seats are leather, opt for a simple solution made from one part water and one part vinegar.
  6. Do not use any bleaching agents for the interior of your car as you would inside your home.
  7. Be sure to check your car’s air filters frequently and clean/replace when needed.
  8. If someone was given a lift in your car while sick with a cold or worse, use a mask and nitrile or latex gloves while disinfecting your vehicle as soon as possible.


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