Top 5 Reasons Why Video Conferencing is Better than Audio

The last year and a bit has made video conferencing to be one of the most popular ways of communication. Whether it was something you had never done before until the pandemic hit, or it was something that was saved only for the biggest meetings of the year with stakeholders across the world, we’ve all now been forced to become accustomed to this way of doing things.


Holding a meeting via video holds clear, distinct advantages over audio, and here is why.


  1. Holding a meeting where participants show themselves over video allows for a certain level of accountability and security. You should have no question as to who it is you are speaking to on the other end.
  2. Communication is not limited to what you can hear verbally. In fact, one of the largest forms of communication is non-verbal, and video conferencing allows us to read these non-verbal cues from those we are speaking with.
  3. When things like body language and other non-verbal cues can be read, there is a decreased likelihood that errors in communication will occur.
  4. Video conferencing can include visual aids as participants can show things they have in the room with them, and screens can be shared to show any presentations you have put together.
  5. Video conferencing can enhance the team building process far quicker than audio calls can, especially when many of us have not yet met some of our fellow colleagues in person while we have been working from home.


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