Top 4 Golf Courses in South Africa

Golf Courses in South Africa

When the weather is beautiful, sunny, and warm, there’s nothing like a little fresh air and the natural beauty of the outdoors. This summer season, why not pick up a new sport?

Golf is a sport for all levels of athleticism and skill, and is a particularly shining sport for South Africa. Beautiful courses are to be found across the country, and in KwaZulu-Natal, they abound from the mountains of the Drakensberg to the beaches of the Indian Ocean, and from the lowlands of the bushveld to the midlands of the escarpment.

Almost every small town in South Africa has a golf course, and many of these have been the breading grounds for young schoolboys learning the finer aspects of the great game of golf. It was here that South African golfing icons like Bobby Locke, Gary Player, and Ernie Else were first introduced to the game – faces that today grace the clubhouses of golf clubs countrywide.

Of course, today golf has blossomed into a truly national sport, and several factors, including golf’s relative affordability in this country, the large number of courses on offer due to our availability of space, and golf’s easy playability due to our great weather, have allowed golf to be both a competitive and social sport.

The lower South Coast is no different from the rest of the country in offering a splendid range of truly magnificent golf courses, all spread along the coastline from Scottburgh to Port Edward. These courses are blessed with natural undulations from the beach and dune geography, fantastic flora as a result of the rich rainfall in the area, and splendid views of the pounding Indian Ocean. In addition, these courses are superbly maintained because the large retirement fraternity here regularly uses them, and staff members are genuinely friendly because this is a holidaying place where the mood is festive and jovial.

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Some courses to highlight would include Selborne, set amongst indigenous forest with luxury villas lining many of the fairways and greens. It is a challenging course, quite long, very tricky with its steep undulations, and there is more than enough water. But it is a fabulous course in great surroundings and one of your highlight rounds on the lower South Coast.

Of course, there is San Lameer, further south, also built on a villa estate concept but a little more manufactured. The fairways too are lined with luxurious villas, and the course is always in immaculate condition. There is a decent amount of water around. While the course may seem to offer a fair round on paper, scores are very often higher than expected.

Southbroom is a little gem of a course. It is older than most of the others and was laid out ahead of any great building concepts. It is therefore more natural in its meanderings, sits comfortably in the residential surroundings, and offers a very challenging round, with a good selection of trees, water, and gradients to upset your handicap.

Finally, there is the gem in the crown, the Wild Coast Sun, just south of Port Edward and in the province of the Eastern Cape. This is a championship course and extremely difficult for the Sunday golfer, but beautiful beyond belief. It is widely spread out, covers an enormous distance, and challenges in length, management, and the elements.

So next you are down on a beach holiday to the popular lower South Coast, be sure to bring your clubs with you and enjoy a fabulous morning’s walk through exquisite nature with the sound of the waves in your ears and the challenge of a good round of golf in your heart.

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