Top 4 Fitness Motivation Tips

If we could literally only choose one thing we think people could use more motivation in, it would be fitness, hands down.


It is easy to feel motivated to start something new, fresh, and exciting. But when it comes to completing tasks or getting to something you have done numerous times before, the key is to just do it, rather than waiting to feel some form of miraculous motivation if it is not there. The key here is to create the motivation yourself.


Let’s look at a few things that can trigger fitness motivation when you feel you have none in sight.


  1. Try to picture your end-goal, or where you want to be, rather than where you are currently. If you see yourself the way you are, which could be a major couch potato due to the pandemic, it can be very hard to do anything but continue to be a couch potato.
  2. Create a playlist of songs that give you energetic and uplifting vibes, no matter what mood you are in. Studies have shown over and over again that people are far more active when surrounded by music, so why not use that science to your advantage?
  3. Keep yourself accountable by working out with others. Schedule outdoor morning yoga sessions or promenade jogs with a buddy. Studies show that feel-good endorphins double when exercising with others rather than on your own. Who doesn’t want to automatically feel better? We know we do!
  4. Write your goals down somewhere where you will see them every day. We are far more likely to follow through with our tasks if we write them down, especially if they are glaring us in the face. Write them in bold letters and place them on your fridge or on the wall beside the mirror you use to get ready with on a daily basis.


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