Top 10 spring/summer dresses

With summer truly upon us, we hope you have stocked your wardrobe with beautiful, light and airy summer dresses. If not, don’t worry – we got you covered!

Gumtree gives you the inside scoop on the 10 most popular spring/summer dresses to own this season.

  1.     The Maxi Dress: When you think of the ever-popular maxi dress, the first thing that comes to mind is the ultimate comfort. Long, flowy and lightweight, the maxi dress should be a quintessential part of your summer wardrobe.
  2.     Summer sheath: The close-fitting sheath dress is the perfect outfit for a summer brunch or date afternoon. They are tasteful in the way they show off your beautiful curves, without being too tight or uncomfortable.
  3.     T-shirt dress: Style, comfortable and trendy, the T-shirt dress has revolutionised summer wardrobes over the last few years. They are flattering to all body types and when teamed with tennis shoes, they offer a unique and fun look.
  4.     Wrap dress: The wrap dress offers a little nip at the waist, giving every body type an hourglass figure.
  5.     Shirt dress: The shirt dress is a mixture of fun and elegance with its collared design and flowy versatility. Wear them for a brunch or at the beach as a cover-up, you always end up looking stylish.
  6.     Crocheted dress: With beautiful craftsmanship, the crocheted dress is available in colourful knits, also offering a sensory experience while wearing them.
  7.     Mini dress: This little number is always a winner. Short, trendy and uber stylish, the mini has always been a favourite among women across the world as a summer staple.
  8.     Floral printed dress: When thinking of spring and summer, how can you leave florals behind? Flowy dresses in floral prints and appliques always add a rush of colour to your life.
  9.     Pull-on dress: In summer, you do not want to be bothered with zips or buttons and the pull-on dress can be perfect. These are made from stretch materials giving you the room and flexibility to carry on with your day.
  10. Colours and prints: Finally, be it any summer dress, there are several colours and prints that make it even more summery. These include pastels, neutrals, summer brights, florals, geometric prints and much more.

Now that you have the knowledge, it is time to shop! Head to or your Gumtree app (click for Apple & Android).

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