Today is National “Cut Your Energy Costs” Day

National Energy Saving Day at Gumtree

Did you know that pre-owned energy solutions are making energy savings solutions affordable?

10 January is National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

This has never been more relevant for South African households, who face increasing financial pressure and continue to experience of the effects of climate change first hand, but many households feel that fancy energy-saving gadgets and systems simply aren’t within their reach.

While creating an energy efficient home can require some investment up front, the long-term savings will soon outweigh the set up costs. According to Stats SA’s most recent Living Conditions Survey, the average South African household spends 32.55% of consumption expenditure on the basic necessities of housing, electricity, water and gas, which means a little will go a long way.

Online trading platforms like Gumtree make it easier than before set your home up to cut your energy bill, says Claire Cobbledick, Head of Core at Gumtree South Africa. “Energy saving has been top of mind since we saw the effects of load-shedding ten years ago, which means that energy savers are re-entering the market at a reduced price via re-commerce platforms.”

Here are some ways to save:

  1. Power-guzzling geysers: lower your thermostat to 60°C and cover it with a geyser blanket to reduce energy consumption. Or get really smart and switch to solar. A solar geyser costs between R7000 – R25 000 on Gumtree, and you can also get a quote to convert your existing one.
  2. Dinosaur appliances: don’t hold onto large appliances like fridges, stoves and washing machines that are older than 10 years. Newer models are far more energy efficient and you can find great prices on good quality second-hand machines on Gumtree. A washing machine goes for around R1500, for example.
  3. Unplugging is best: Don’t leave your TV, sound system or computer in sleep mode when you’re not using it. Unplugging is far more energy efficient.
  4. Get smart in the kitchen: Trade your conventional oven for an energy-saving convection model (around R3000 on Gumtree). You can save further by defrosting food in the fridge rather than the microwave, and by keeping your freezer full which eases up the electricity required to keep the system cool.


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