Tips to prepare your child for preschool

Starting preschool is a huge step for children and parents alike. However, it is imperative that parents begin with little actions at home to prepare their children for the road ahead. These tips can help them feel more comfortable and confident to take on this new world.


Gumtree offers parents the following strategies to make the transition smoother and exciting at the same time:

  1. Read: Research suggests that reading aloud to children from a young age offers the following benefits: language development, shared and gained knowledge, brain development, literacy skill building, bonding, and inculcating a love of reading. Parents are encouraged to surround their children with books and spend at least 30 minutes a day reading to prepare them for a lifetime of learning and knowledge.
  2. Talk: Preschools and kindergartens often analyse oral and language skills before accepting children into their facilities. Thus, parents must encourage children from a young age to talk clearly and effectively. Turn off screen times and have engaging conversations with your children to enable them to express themselves. Ask questions, start debates, and elicit responses to foster oral development from an early stage.
  3. Play: We encourage parents to get down and dirty with their kids on the floor through pretend and messy play as much as possible. This is a wonderful time to bond and provides your child with a platform to be creative and express themselves through toys and role play.
  4. Practice: Preschools are scary for children and parents as this is one of the first times they spend time apart from each other. However, preparing your little one for this change can be made a little easier if you begin practicing independence and giving them their own space. This will help you both deal with the separation anxiety before the big day. It is also essential to teach your children little skills such as toilet training, wearing shoes, washing hands etc. so they find the transition easier.

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