Tips to Keeping your Kids Safe in their Car Seat

As parents, keeping our little ones safe is our number one concern. With such a high mortality rate during travel by car, ensuring your kids are safe in the best car seat possible can prevent our worst fears. Here are our car seat safety tips:

  1. Infants should use a rear-facing car seat until at least one year of age and weight at least 10 kg. However, if your child is comfortable sitting rear-facing, they are safest this way until 2,3, or 4 years of age.
  2. When your child is at least 18 kgs and has outgrown their forward-facing car seat, make the switch to a belt-positioning booster seat.
  3. When your child is at least 145 cm tall, they may be ready to make the switch to an adult seat belt.
  4. Always check the weight and height requirements for the car seat you purchase as they may vary.
  5. If you do not have the instruction manual and do not know the history of the car seat, it is not safe to use.
  6. Car seats expire, so be sure to contact the manufacturer if you are unsure on the date.
  7. Register your car seat with the manufacturer; they will get in touch if there is a recall on your particular model.
  8. Many manufacturers have free online video tutorials; be sure to watch so that you know for certain that it is installed correctly.
  9. Do not use any add-on accessories that are not approved by the manufacturer.
  10. Never leave your chid unattended in their car seat.

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