Tips for Safe Summer Boating

There really is nothing like having a few cool drinks under the hot summer sun while on a boat. Jumping off whenever the heat becomes too much is the best part of all! But how do we ensure our summer boating is both fun AND safe? Here are our top 6 tips:

  1. Don’t drink and boat. This should be common sense, but many don’t see driving a boat as being the same thing as drinking and driving a car. The fact of the matter is that a motorized vehicle is a motorized vehicle; all the same rules apply. On that note, know the legal limit.
  2. Always wear a life jacket, and that means your passengers, too.
  3. Hopefully it won’t happen, but practice a ‘man overboard’ plan with your passengers so everyone is on the same page in terms of a rescue mission in case anyone falls off.
  4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Make sure you have enough water to keep everyone hydrated for the entire period you will be out on the water.
  5. Don’t forget the sunscreen, either.
  6. Wear proper clothing for the weather and the activities you will be participating in.

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