Tips For Conducting Remote Job Interviews

Remote interviews are becoming more and more prevalent in our pandemic-stricken world. Online classes, hiring of employees and managers, and even social events are now primarily conducted through online platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom. With regards to business, it is important that HR processes such as interviews or performance reviews carry on as usual for the benefit of the organisation as well as its employees. However, there must be a level of decorum and professionalism that go into these remote processes. 


Gumtree outlines the top tips to conducting a remote job interview:

  1. As the interviewer or HR personnel, it is important to be well prepared before the interview. Provide the interviewee with all the relevant information such as which platform will be used, the time and the panel who will be present during the interview.
  2. Always conduct a trial run, especially if you are not familiar with the online portal you will be using for the remote interview. This can prevent technical glitches and wastage of time for you and the interviewee.
  3. Despite all the preparation, there are possibilities of technical issues that you may not be able to resolve at the moment. Always have a plan B. For example, you could suggest having a telephonic interview if the online portal is not working as you want it to.
  4. Do not, and this is important, have any distractions during the interview process. The interviewee is making the effort to prepare and do their best so you can hire them. It is only fair that you also seem focused and present during the process.
  5. Just because you are conducting the interview from the comfort of your home does not give you an excuse to dress casually. Dress professionally as you would if this was a face-to-face interview.
  6. Prepare a strong closing statement at the end of the interview that tells the interviewee the way forward and what to expect. Do not forget to ask them if they have any questions for you.


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