Tipping in South Africa and How it Works

Tipping someone who has provided us with a service shows appreciation and gratitude for their good work. South Africa is known to have a tipping culture, be it at restaurants, gas stations, beauty and wellness centres etc. It is customary to tip well here, an acceptable amount being 10 – 15%. It is important to tip, especially as most people in the service industry depend on them to make a daily living. Gumtree recommends tipping the following (but not restricted to) service personnel: 

  1. Car guards: There may be self-appointed car guards or those employed by the premises they are helping guard. The average tip to give them is R5-10, depending on the length of time they have had to watch your car.
  2. Gas station attendants: These attendants go above and beyond most times, by checking oil, water and cleaning the windows. It is standard to give them a tip ranging from R5 – R20.
  3. Taxi drivers: Drivers of metered cabs and ride apps such as Uber are usually tipped, which amounts to 10% to 20% of the fare. You can judge the tip based on how helpful and accommodating they have been during the ride.   
  4. Beauty professionals: Beauty professionals at salons, tattoo parlours and massage studios can be tipped based on their service by 10% – 15% of the bill amount. 

Finally, Gumtree has an important tip to tipping: Provide the tip in the form of cash as much as possible. If you pay by card, the service personnel may only get it at the end of the week or month. 

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