This little guy will let you know on which side of the car the fuel lid is without having to get out

A dashboard plays host to a vast array of numbers, shapes and symbols that allow the driver to keep track of any issues that might need attention – the most common ones are the battery and oil icons.

So maybe you’ve seen a left or right facing arrow next to the fuel tank symbol on the dashboard and didn’t quite know the purpose it served. Is it merely just for show to make the instrument cluster more ‘fancy’?

None of the above, actually. The arrow simply indicates on which side the car’s fuel filler cap is on and is also a convenient way for the driver to know without having to physically get out and check. The little arrow can be especially helpful if you’re behind the wheel of someone else’s car, and a quick glance at the fuel gauge will solve any lingering worries.

Some people often don’t know on which side the entry point to their fuel tank is and requires the petrol attendants having to pull the hose all the way to the opposite side of the car that can result in it rubbing against the body.


It’s unclear to know exactly when the fuel arrow indicator was introduced, but most cars produced these days already have them. The fuel tank can usually be found underneath the rear seats, though it’s not uncommon for it to be relocated to the boot – but it is more in the case of track racing applications in a bid to reduce weight.

With the age of electric vehicles slowly asserting its influence, petrol stations will be mainly made redundant somewhere in the future. As evidence, automakers like Audi, BMW, and Volvo only aim to have electric or hybrid variants in their range in the next two decades.

Topping up with diesel or petrol is one of the most common practices where the daily operation of a car is concerned, and the tiny little arrow makes things a bit easier.

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