This is why it isn’t good to lay down while eating

Just like breathing, eating is one of human beings’ everyday ‘duties’ with a purpose to sustain the body, with a host of vitamins and minerals found in a variety of foods.

Eating is usually done at a dinner table but there are some that prefer lying. While there is nothing wrong with lying down and eating, sitting in an upright position makes it easier for your body to digest food. Lying down or bent over while eating also causes heartburn or GERD, a syndrome in which the lower esophagus does not close properly after swallowing.

Nobody wants to be taking a bunch of ENO and Rennie tablets to combat heartburn every time. Also, if you are working towards losing weight then it is important for digestion to allow for food to flow through the body as efficiently as possible.

Upright and centre

Lets be honest – being in an unfamiliar position while eating won’t happen everyday, but every once in a while – maybe while watching something on Netflix or having a romantic picnic – you’ll find yourself breaking the conventional ‘table rules’. Maybe your parents also warned you when you were younger that lying down while eating can make you choke – they aren’t wrong about that.

Though it might be too gross for some to picture, think of your intestines as a hose pipe that is knotted and the full force of water cannot make its way to the end. The knot in the intestine in this case is you bent over while swallowing, which makes it harder for food to reach its final destination down south.

Peristalsis is the rhythmic contraction of muscles used to move food through the various tubes. As an example, think of it as a tennis ball that is being pushed into a very long, flexible plastic tube. In the stomach, this motion mixes the consumed food with gastric juices, which turns it into a thin liquid – pretty interesting and gross at the same time.

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