Think you’re being followed in your car? These tips might save your life

It’s a life-threatening situation to be in but the possibility exists that you might be the target of someone trying to rob or harm you.

Criminals know the exact time to pounce because they know the target will almost always be pre-occupied with something or another and this rings true when behind the wheel. In most cases, criminals go after a vehicle and not the person but even so, still poses a risk to the driver.

Gumtree list some tips to keep in mind if you think you are being followed:

Check behind you

It’s virtually impossible to notice that someone could be following you because there are so much other cars on the road, making it the perfect place to blend in and wait for the ideal time to make their move. Maybe you’ve seen a black car following the same route as you. A quick way to know for sure is to make a sequence of four left turns and see if the car behind is still following.

Slow down

Reducing your speed will then also force the pursuer to do the same and in that, it will reveal the intentions. Also, the pursuer won’t want their face or any sort of features to be identified. More often than not, the pursuing car will have a darker shade of tint.

Stop at a crowded place

If you know you’re being followed for sure, find a place like a petrol station and notify individuals that you were being followed. The pursuer(s) will most likely speed off because their ruse would be spoiled.

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