These are some of the typical New Years resolutions people make

The new year is still very much in its infancy and for many, it serves as a stepping stone for a fresh start with a set of personal accomplishments and goals set out to attain. It also allows you to look back on the year that was and serves as a time for reflection for the future.

It’s obvious that the new year will come with its own set of challenges and that can thrown some people a bit off course when it comes to their resolution(s). There is a saying that nothing worth having comes easy and that notion rings true in many aspects of life.

When setting a specific goal, it is important to set one that is feasible for you. As a whole, what you want to do is ensure the objective you set is vital to you and your well-being. Discipline and motivation are some of the key driving factors to successfully achieve your goals – at the end of the day, whatever you decide to do is for your benefit.

Gumtree lists some of the most common New Year’s resolutions people make:

Lose weight

As much as shedding extra kilos requires physical exercise, mental preparation is equally as pivotal. Where you once could walk into any restaurant and order anything, the amount of intake carbs need to be monitored. The motivation is to know what you’re working towards.

Quit smoking

Many smokers will tell you that it’s not easy to get up one day and quit smoking, instead requiring gradual phasing and often with the help of nicotine patches. Imagine all the money saved on cigarette packs per day.

Save money

The ever-increasing price of things like cars, food and services mean that their is limited room for saving money every month. Setting money aside every month comes in handy for a rainy day or take you one step closer to buying that vehicle you’ve always wanted.

Eat healthy

This goes hand in hand with losing weight and also changes eating habits at the same time. Being consistent is the key because fast food temptations are everywhere in the form of KFC, McDonalds and Steers.

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