These are some of the popular foods that are eaten during Easter

Hot cross buns, pickled fish and marshmallow eggs – there is only one month in the year where those treats are consumed on a regular basis. Due to religious beliefs, many people opt to eat mainly fish during the Easter period

Fish is a high source of protein and can be used as a base to make tasty dish combinations. Gumtree lists some of the foods and dishes that are most commonly eaten during the Easter period:

Braai snoek

For those that aren’t too keen on having them pickled, frying or grilling traditional fish is just as good, and with a snoek, it can be made even better when put over the coals. Snoek can either be bought packaged at a shop or fresh from sellers along the side of the road in certain areas. It is most commonly basted with apricot jam (often wrapped in foil with a slice of lemon) to bring out that extra flavour.

Fish cakes

When ordinary fish is not satisfactory, it can also be cooked and mashed together to make fish cakes. It is often complemented with warm tomato smoortjie and mashed potato. The fish cakes are usually made in large quantities, serving as a filling alternative whether it is eaten with bread or hot cross buns.

Hot cross buns

They serve as a snacking replacement that can be eaten with butter, cheese, or anything you prefer. They are marked with a cross on the top and have a thin layer of sweetness as well. Hot cross buns are best served warm, and most of them come with raisins, infused bits of fruit and are also covered in chocolate – so there is basically an alternative for everyone.

Pickled fish

Though the origins of pickled fish (also called yellow fish because of its predominantly bright colour) are obscure and varied, the traditional Cape Malay dish has become a popular one prepared in households during Easter. It is most commonly served on Good Friday, along with pickled onion and hot cross buns. Other than the fish itself, some of its ingredients include bay leaves, curry powder, coriander, onions, peppercorns, and brown turmeric.

Marshmallow eggs

It just wouldn’t be Easter without enjoying a chocolate-covered marshmallow egg. They’ve become a popular treat (mainly among the kids) to enjoy whenever and can be purchased in strips or a box of 48. Most people go for the latter because it is very hard to stop yourself once you get started on one.

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