These are some of the easiest musical instruments to learn and play

Beethoven, Bach and Mozart – all of those names and people are synonymous with music that laid the foundation for all modern musicians.

Music is considered to be a universal language with so many genres and resonating with different types of audiences throughout the world. One song rarely follows the same beat and that is largely down to the use of different type of instruments.

Courtesy of various applications, music these days can be purchased, streamed and downloaded on a smartphone – to listen when and wherever.

Gumtree lists a few musical instruments that are easy to learn:


It really is as simple as hitting a stick on round, plastic objects also known as beaters. Timing and coordination are the keys to success in order to match a tune that is being sung/played. Sourcing a second-hand set is the best way to start and get an overall feel.


A flute is one of the smallest instruments in the world, requiring your breathe to provide the ‘sound’ and your fingers to achieve various levels of pitch by opening and closing the different holes. It is all about finding a consistent rhythm and gradually practicing.


The Harmonica is one instrument that is ideal for beginners and – like the flute – requires nothing else but your breathe. A great thing about the tiny instrument is that the notes are already built-in so it basically does the work for you.

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