The year is 2022 and these are the most common accessories that people often carry with and on them

Over the last decade, technology has evolved to the point where things like CDs and bulky television sets have become largely redundant due to radical advancements.

The most significant change is that everything has become faster in operation and smaller in design, making it suitable to be carried around. Before the emergence of laptops, being on the go with a desktop computer was a mission on its own to plug and unplug everything. The same can be said about floppy disks and USB functionality and difference in storage capacity – oh how times have changed.

While there are some that prefer the ‘old school’ way of doing things, life has been made easier with the wonders of modern technology. Gumtree lists some of the most common accessories that people often carry with and on them these days:


Most ear and headphones these days operate with Bluetooth that can be linked up to any smartphone and device with the capability. Earpods are entirely cordless, eliminating the use of wires that can often become entangled. The pods also come with their own little box in which to be stored when not in use.

Fitness/digital watch

While some prefer the traditional ‘long and short arm’ watch, digital ones are often easier to read. In addition, it can also do a range of functions like monitor your heart rate, track your steps and notify you about incoming WhatsApp messages. The rubber straps and small screen gives it a sleeker appearance, ideal for those that like to work out and be outdoors.

Wireless charging block

A smartphone battery can only last so long, and there is nothing worse than having a low battery and hurriedly looking for a charging point before it hits zero. While there are powerbanks to use, a charging block provides a more substantial milliampere battery that can charge most phones from empty to full in less than 30 minutes.

Handheld gaming console

Sometimes playing games on a smartphone isn’t as fun and immersive as one on a proper gaming console. Since its launch in 2017, the Nintendo Switch has become a hit, with the tablet being used as a home console or taken on the go. Gamers can enjoy popular titles like Mario Kart and Pokemon Legends to pass the time.

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