The Volkswagen Touareg

The Volkswagen Touareg is one of my absolute favourite cars! It flies under the radar, sometimes sitting in the shadows of the BMW X5 and Mercedes-Benz GLE, not to say it doesn’t sell well, it just sometimes gets mentioned last in conversation and I can never understand why. Perhaps it is its understated elegance that draws a customer who holds the same values, never wanting to be flashy, but rather subtle in their showmanship. If that makes sense, I hope it does!

But for those who want to add that extra bit of “Va Va Voom,” you now can with the Black Styling Package which is available on the Touareg Executive model. It is also available on the Tiguan in case you wanted to know. So, what does this package entail?

Well, the Black Style Package features blackened out chrome elements, bumper in ‘R’ style, body coloured bumper and lower door parts, black air intake with fins, black roof rails, black decorative trim on the side windows, black exterior mirror housings, black radiator grille and black 21-inch Suzuka alloy wheels. That’s a lot of black, hey!? It does cost extra, obviously, around R40 000.

The engine remains the same 3.0-litre V6 turbodiesel as was seen when this third generation launched back in 2018. It produces 190 kW of power and 600 Nm of torque. And fuel consumption is claimed at a low 7.1l/100 km. In terms of the drive, you will be hard pressed to find anything more refined with a more premium feel. The ride quality is excellent and power delivery is faultless. And if you need to tow anything behind this car, you will have no issues there either. Can you tell it is a favourite of mine?

Volkswagen also claim the Touareg to be one of the safest cars in the world. It is the first Volkswagen available with a night vision system. This uses a thermal image camera to register infrared radiation coming from a living being. If the system detects an animal or a person, they are marked yellow or red, depending on risk, in a black and white image. The system warns you as well as brakes the vehicle if required. Now that is handy in a country like South Africa.

There is a load of tech on hand as well. The Innovision infotainment system is just beautiful. Here the digital instruments (Digital Cockpit with 12-inch display) and the top Discover Premium infotainment system (with 15-inch display) merge to form a digital operating, information, communication and entertainment unit that hardly needs any conventional buttons or switches. Even though I do love a traditional button, this still sets to impress.

Customers tend to lean towards the Mercedes-Benz and BMW players in this segment, perhaps because customers don’t expect to see a Volkswagen badge among the premium German players, but hop in to one of these beautiful beasts and I can assure you that the premium and luxurious feel of this Touareg is right up there with any competitor. Now to find the money to buy one. Pricing of the Volkswagen Touareg starts at R1 161 200.

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