The Underrated Benefits of Bullet Points in Your CV

Giving your CV a facelift means more than just editing your grammar and spelling, or adding in your latest experience. It is extremely worthwhile to look at your CV formatting, and give that a good edit, too. How you format the information is just as important as the information itself.

Here are a few underrated benefits of saying goodbye to long-winded paragraphs, and adding bullet points to your CV instead.

  1. They help manage the length. Just because you have a vast amount of experience does not mean you need to add every detail to your resume. Adding bullet points helps you limit rambling and only focus on the important aspects. Remember, recruiters and hiring managers do not want to spend an hour reading your CV!
  2. They highlight your unique selling points. Bullet points are the perfect way to highlight critical pieces of information. Think of them as a space to brag!
  3. They help you stand out from the crowd. Catching the attention of recruiters and hiring managers that receive dozens, if not hundreds, of CVs is crucial. A well-written CV with bullet points can help you stand out.
  4. They increase readability. It is overwhelming to pick up a CV and see endless long paragraphs. Adding bullet points will ease eye strain and reduce the likelihood of the reader losing interest quickly.
  5. They show how you work. Your CV is your first impression, so showing the recruiter or hiring manager how you function as a professional (in a clear, concise manner) is crucial. If your CV is messy, long, and lacks formatting, the likelihood of you receiving an interview invitation will be slim.
  6. They achieve a nice visual balance. Visual balance is vital. Simply think of your CV as a work of art!

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