The Ultimate Way to Declutter Like a Boss

It’s time to rid yourself, and your home, of all the extra ‘stuff’ laying around, don’t you think? We strongly believe a clear home is crucial to a clear and happy mind. But how do you know where to start? What stuff should be thrown away? What should be donated or sold on Gumtree? And what is worth keeping? Keep reading for a few tips!

  1. If important, keep paperwork in a small filing cabinet in a home office space, in a closet, or in your bedroom. If it is not important enough to keep in there, get rid of it! That means old receipts, take-away menus, and all those silly coupon flyers you get in the mail that you think you may use one day (but won’t).
  2. If you have a bunch of take-away condiment packages stored in your fridge, either start using them up during family dinners, or simply get rid of them.
  3. Take a look in your kitchen cupboards. Do you have multiples of anything, where multiples are not required? Donate them or place a free advert on Gumtree! The same goes for things like a stack of 16 plates, when you really only need 8.
  4. Anything else in your kitchen that has not been used in at least a year, like that fondue set you received as a wedding gift, should go, too. Pop it on Gumtree for some extra cash.
  5. If your children are all grown up, yet you still have a cupboard or drawer full of kiddies cups, plates, bowls, and utensils, it may be time to rid your home of them. Create a free ad on Gumtree and make someone’s day.
  6. The same goes for old kids’ toys, clothing, furniture, and board games!
  7. Still have some VHS tapes and DVDs stored in your living room? Let’s be honest, those will never be of any use again!
  8. Old magazines and newspapers stored away for something to do on a rainy day? If they’re more than a month or two old, toss ‘em.
  9. Mismatched socks? If you haven’t found the missing pair after multiple washes, its time to say goodbye.
  10. Take a look under your kitchen and bathroom sinks. Are any of your cleaning supplies expired or practically finished? Rinse them out and recycle them to clear out some space.

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